is a no-code software development platform which is developed as a solution of the problems in the software industry.

You can experience limitless integration with other softwares.

Now, development is as easy as drag and drop.

Design your operating forms, build your workflows, receive the most desired BI reports and unique management of admin operations is possible in one platform.

Experience the ease of multi-language and multi-platform use for multiple needs.


Octopod brings high perspective solutions..

Our no-code software development platform enables business life to meet with cost effective, attainable and fast developed software.


Our free 9 hour training process provides software development experience to build business applications

technological development

We provide competitive advantage in the global arena with our unique platform

collective working

Our platform support multiple users to work on the same project at the same time

need of qualified developers

We minimize the endless development steps in projects where high education is needed.

digital transformation

We reduce the dependency of printed materials by transferring the whole process to digital environment.

adapting to change

With our modular, fast and ease of use platform, we make change management easy for you

flexible working

With our multi-platform structure, we enable time and space independent work environment.

development time

Save up to 20x time by using our no-code technology

unique features changes the game...

We know your flexibility is the key success factor for your business.
Our promise to continuously improve Octopod platform; enables you unlimited facilities.

limitless possibilities !

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