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Do you want to manage your important business processes in the right and most efficient way for your company?

Does the package software not meet exactly what you need?

Do you need a customized software about your company's special requests?

Nice scents will come to your nose...

My kitchen chefs offer you to prepare your solution, with the necessary ingredients, special methodologies, spices.

My Kitchen promise to make your life easier; thanks to my advanced platform, you can develop a project in 2 weeks, which can be written in 2 months with usual methodologies.

Octopod Mutfak
Octopod Akademi

Create your own flavors in your own kitchen...

You can start developing your own flavors after 9 hours of introductory level education from my academy.

So you can design your own processes, forms and reports exactly as you would do at your own control, and make any changes and updates that you want at any time.


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About Us

Octopod is an "EMS Software Company" product

Ems Software Company founded in 2008 under the roof of Ems Group, which was founded in 1999, Ems Software was established in order to keep pace with developing technology, to produce customized solutions for customer needs and to provide special consultancy services in the transition of companies to the corporate structure.

With 15 years of information technology experience and 10 years of experience in ERP sector, we have identified the fundamental problems in meeting the ERP software needs of SME level companies and have succeeded in accomplishing successful projects by eliminating the deficiencies in this subject.

The Octopod project was created as a result of a 4 year R & D project and investment. Octopod focus on 3 basic area

  • BI Reporting / BPM Workflow, Process
  • Design and Management / Quick Software
  • Development Tool Multiplatform Applications

BTHaber December 2016

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